Visible Foundation is a Delaware 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit established in 2021 for the purpose of providing affordable, best-in-class pooled special needs trust administration, investment, and distribution services for people with disabilities. Within the broad nonprofit category, Visible Foundation is further defined as a 509(a)(2) type of charitable nonprofit, which means it expects to earn income primarily by providing services related to its mission.

Lisa A. Cohen, Founder, Visible National Trust; Board Chair, Visible Foundation; CEO, Capital Motion, Visible National Trust Services
Bill Friebel, Cornerstone Wealth Management; Director, Visible Foundation
Dianne Gauthier, Girl Scouts of the USA, Director and Treasurer, Visible Foundation
Lynne Ford, Director, Visible Foundation, Investment Committee Chair
Valentina Teslenko Dingle, Prime Buchholz; Director, Visible Foundation

Visible Foundation’s mailing address is PO Box 126, East Orleans MA, 02643 | 800-540-4160 |