The Visible Story

Many people are touched by disabilities. Including me. My family includes people with congenital disorders, people who experienced depression, and others for whom dementia started early.

I recognize that I have been fortunate. Fortunate that my family lives near one of the world’s best medical centers, that we have good health insurance and quality care, and that we have so far navigated the medical system effectively. I am deeply grateful for my good fortune. Lots of families have very different experiences.

My professional experience includes financial and investment product development. Together, my personal and professional experiences compelled and enabled me to build a world-class, practical solution to the scarcity of disability-specific financial products. Now, we work to help people with disabilities and those who care for them to safeguard their financial health and provide for a lifetime of care.

  – Lisa Cohen, CEO of Capital Motion LLC and Founder of Visible National Trust