What Financial Advisors Like Best About Visible

Visible National TrustSM allows financial advisors to maintain their direct connection to their clients rather than referring business out of their practices.

  • Structured similarly to donor advised funds (DAFs)
  • Beneficiary accounts operate similarly to a brokerage or investment account
  • Advisors may set Visible advisory fees at their discretion
  • Trust accounts are nationally portable
  • Complete advisor support means advisors do not have to be an expert to use Visible with their clients
  • Visible provides all beneficiary services including approval of distributions to safeguard access to income and asset-sensitive disability benefits
  • Institutional, specialized trustee services mean families and carers can focus on their loved ones
  • Trusts can be transferred (successor trustee) to Visible, and clients can have multiple trusts
  • Information is fully transparent and available to beneficiaries, advisors, and caregivers
  • Total cost is significantly lower than prevailing pricing for each of the component services