Daily life with a disability is expensive. Families worry about how to secure care for their loved ones when they are gone and are challenged in maintaining their own financial security while paying costly medical and other bills. The US requires that people with disabilities effectively spend all other funds before they are eligible for benefits – unless money for care is placed in a specifically designed financial product.

Visible National Trust provides seamless, end-to-end disability financial planning, asset management, and payments/distributions specifically for people with disabilities and those who care for them. Visible’s national special needs trust solution protects financial well-being and includes trustee services, investment management, and payments on behalf of beneficiaries.

Visible National Trust incudes:

  • Partnership and integration with financial advisors
  • 24/7 transparency and access to account information
  • Seamless services with a single point of contact
  • Leading national and global investment and banking partners
  • A single, reasonable, understandable, comprehensive annual fee without extra charges for necessary services
  • The ability to leave remainder assets to remainder beneficiaries without retention by the trust