Disability financial planning impacts about 25% of the population, according to the CDC. For advisors growing their practices who are focused on meeting emerging and personal client needs, this is a tremendous opportunity to help families provide intergenerational care for loved ones while building comprehensive wealth management and retirement plans.

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Ask your clients: Are you caring for a person with a disability? Is that something we should talk about?

Visible National Trust gives advisors a packaged solution integral to implementing wealth management and retirement plans for families that include a person with a disability. Visible’s advisor support includes initial and deeper-dive training, product specialists, assistance with client onboarding, and ongoing client service.

In the U.S., to receive health and disability benefits that cover essential needs, people must exhaust all but $2,000 of their financial assets. Disability-related expenses can include caregivers, transportation, modifications to housing, uninsured health care, assistive devices, and more. These costs and requirements can seriously – or catastrophically – erode financial stability for families and individuals.

Visible is ideal for individuals and families who anticipate accumulating $250,000 or more in trust assets. Visible helps families avoid high account minimums and unpredictable fees and is well-suited to situations where a bespoke private trust is not required.

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